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:30 p.m. bay area attacked companies are being called in to help fix the obama web site. >> it is just one of the problems so far with obama care. >> another example-- thousands of people say their health care coverage is getting canceled. all this as the president's approval rating falls. our political analyst with john us in a moment. but first grant lotus is here with more on what the white house hopes is a solution. >> the president is not messing around. he has hired engineers from three of the biggest and best attack companies in the world to help fix the obama care web site. >> bay area based oracle and google are joined by red hat--which is headquartered in north carolina. >> this comes after computer problems have been preventing people from signing up for government mandated health care insurance. >> even worse new concerns that the web site lacks of the security needed to protect the sensitive information of people looking for insurance. the obamas administration says the website will be running smoothly by the end of november. >> thousands of californians are
kron4 maureen kelly reports to at least one heckler did not think mr. obama was pushing hard enough. >> reporter: >> the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend that i can do something by violating a law. what i am proposing is use of our democratic processes to achieve the same goal that you want to achieve, but it will not be as easy as shouting. >> reporter: the heckler felt compelled to scream out because of what his friends and family members are going through with immigration. >> has the power to stop immigration but he is afraid. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> pam: plenty of protesters greeted the president even before his speech. they get a third outside the betty mann on center this morning to go with his own rifle. police kept them behind their kids on the corner of washington and mason street some are very angry about immigration issues. at the president's other stops, the demonstrators protested government drones and the keystone and expel all oil pipeline. >> reporter: the president attacked a lot in during his time in san francisco. after take after talk
of receiving some of those rap obamas showers. that cotinga into the overnight hours as well. we could see a couple of pop up showers into the mid morning hours of tomorrow. >> jacqueline: temperature will stay warmer with 50 in daly city, 46 in livermore and into the afternoon it will be woman thin today for sixties for the most part. >> jacqueline: higher elevation with winter weather advisory until 4:00 tomorrow. right now the times will continue to drop musty cold front pushes through. >> jacqueline: it will be tried by 10:00 in the morning with more sunshine at that hour. and it will be warmer as the hat into the weekend. >> pam: next. >> pam: the newly released cockpit recordings. from a doomed flight over florida. >> pam: then. singer ceelo green in court. >> pam: accused of slipping something inside a woman's drink i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. n
of immigration activists fasting on the national mall. president obama and first lady michelle obama visited the group today. the "fast for families" protesters have given up all food -- only drinking water -- in hopes of pressuring congress to pass new immigration reform laws. some house republicans have taken issue with a senate- approved measure. that calls for an eventual pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the united states. house speaker john boehner has hinted he'll bring up immigration reform measures individually, rather than in a comprehensive bill. >> a little christmas cheer has arrived at the white house. first lady michelle obama and daughters sasha and malia welcomed the official white house christmas tree this morning. the 18-and-a-half-foot douglas fir came from a tree farm in pennsylvania. per tradition, the tree will be on display in the blue room. >> the first family is considering staying in washington after president obama's second term is over. in an interview with barbara walters, scheduled to air tonight, the president said the decision wi
interest on back kids crime fighting day! even president obama was at hand on that kids' adventure. bt kids addve ntures >> reporter: the president 3 tweet make a wish tweet here he comes-tech s f b a t k id >> reporter: even posted a video on bynum back kid is trending all over twitter he looks at the following here's a look at the following proper popular-tax hashtags #batkid at &t park lou seal #make a wish >> pam: both unions have approved contracts but the bart board is this sitter is considering rejecting it. outside bart headquarters with the latest details and now bart riders are on is all over eight yen. >> reporter: this task to do with a family medical leave act. with the union has agreed to a lawless family medical leave and pay employees up to six weeks. union agreed to this and bart leaders have signed off to this. they state that they did not mean to sign off and now they are rejecting at. >> reporter: as you know several union members were here and told the bart board that they cannot come back a need to approve this contract. >> all you have is buyer's remorse. you must sta
: with just top five days to go before the deadline another delay. the obama administration says that the healthcare site will not be able to enroll small businesses for another year. >> will be website be functional during november? >> we will institute the shop component at nñthe end of november. >> reporter: republicans are quick to pounce on this problem. once again the president has delayed another major portion of obamacare and tried to bury bad news around a holiday hoping no one would notice. all businesses will be able to use direct enrollment. but during a conference call the ministration is downplaying the expectations. >> to be clear though there are 30th does not represent a real launch of the website. >> reporter: they admit there will be times after november 30 when the website will not function properly. the goal is to make sure it can handle 50,000 users at a time. consumers will be directed to a virtual waiting line. to avoid the line and roll these are being encouraged to visit the site in the early morning or late at night. >>> she is at it again, she gained
myself in is a real struggle." >> pam: president obama wrapped up a three-day west- coast tour today in los angeles. the tour has focused on fundraising for democrats. obama visited dreamworks studios to praise the entertainment industry. more on tha t-- and the scare that caused fighter jets to be scrambled. at six. >> catherine: merrill newman's family is pleading for his release from north korea. but they still haven't heard a word about what's happening to the 85-year-old palo alto man. >> catherine: he was on a plane headed home october 26th - when he was escorted off by korean authorities just minutes before take-off. his wife and son say they want him home for thanksgiving. >> catherine: but that's appearing increasingly unlikely. his wife lee talked to cnn monday. >> catherine: merrill newman has a heart condition.and the family has sent him a second package of medication. but they have no way of knowing whether he'll get it. >> x respectfully that they release him and have him come home. >> catherine: north korea is not saying a word - except to acknowledge that they're hold
. >> president obama is again, apologizing for the botched rolled out of his health- care plan. >> what makes this particular apology interesting he is acknowledging that americans are losing health insurance plans that he had insisted they could keep. >> this is the president at an earlier appearance. today he told in the b.c. news that he apologizes to the people who have found themselves in that situation based on assurances they got from him. he says his administration is to everything it can to make things right. but millions of people have been getting cancellation notices in the mail. >> the fda has made a major decision that will lead to dramatic changes in the food we eat every day. and >> it is taking aim at transit back at it could be the first step to phasing them out. >> the fda is announcing that they are no recognizing trans fats at st. pierre >> taking a chance that out will prevent our tax and deaths. >> " the number of people crying diseases and rose bowl can play in health. >> in the past two years transit ads have so been disappearing from menus macdonalds is one of the fo
have been released for obama-care. they're so bad - democrats are scrambling to find a positive spin. and republicans are saying -- 'we told you so'.. catherine heenan is here with the details. >> catherine: the numbers are even worse than expected. with things so bad.some are wondering if the program can survive this disappointing start. let's look at those numbers. >> catherine: here's the total of people enrolled this first month. just a little over 106- thousand. that's counting both the federal website -- and state programs. >> catherine: only about 10% of what was originally expected. and focusing just on the obamacare website. less then 27-thousand enrolled on healthcare-dot- gov. a shockingly low number. >> catherine: people have had more success with state programs. like our own "covered california" -- with roughly 35-thousand people now enrolled. meantime.a white house tech expert insists things are getting better. >> catherine: government information technology officers finding themselves in congressionalthey're before a house committee on the botched website, healthcare d
has asked to take a look at those coverage options. >> reporter: as for her boss, president obama spoke in new orleans today. he talked about the economy. >> the deficits are going down. >> reporter: last month's government shutdown. >> the shutdown harmed our jobs market. >> reporter: and immigration reform. >> it affects our broken immigration system. >> reporter: even the nation's infrastructure. >> it's smart infrastructure projects. >> reporter: before finally addressing the issue of obama care. >> we're going to fix the website, because the insurance plans are there. they are good, and millions of americans are already finding they will gain better coverage for less cost and it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: in washington, stacy chohan, kron 4 news. >>> this week, police in ames, iowa chased after a van that had been reported stolen. the driver of the van that went zooming through town ending up on the campus of iowa state university, and that is where an officer eventually shot and killed a 19-year-old student who had been driving. only now are we finding out that he
is here with that story. >> there's new pressure on president obama to live up to a promise he made -- that people who like their current health insurance plans -- can keep them. now - former president bill clinton is publicly nudging the white house to take action. >> no one argues that the roll-out of obama care has been a mess. all of washington was waiting to see how many americans signed up in october - the first month of enrollment. the wall street journal reports that in the insurance marketplaces run by the federal government -- only about 50- thousand people managed to successfully enroll. embarrassingly low numbers -- even after the administration tried to lower expectations. >> "i can tell you - our early enrollment numbers are gonna be very low." >> another huge problem - people are getting cancellation notices from their current insurance plans. that was 'not' supposed to happen. and now - in an online interview - former president bill clinton is adding more pressure. saying president obama has got to find a way to let people keep their existing coverage. >> i personall
, reportedly, the stuff of an explosive new book: >> reporter:suggesting that a small, exclusive group of obama advisers secretly considered dumping joe biden from the ticket >> reporter:for hillary clinton. >> reporter:that secret blown by journalists mark halperin and john heilemann in their new book, "double down," the new york times first reported. >>they were looking at what having hillary clinton on the ticket would mean politically. >> reporter:the book says then white house chief of staff bill daley spearheaded the effort, the times reports. daley reacted this morning. >>one of the jobs of chief of staff is to take a look at things outside the box but not for a moment was there a serious discussion or belief that joe biden should be replaced, period. >> reporter:the white house said. >>i know for a fact that president obama never considered this. >> reporter:meanwhile: the times says the book also mentions mitt romney's potential running mates. saying he eliminated new jersey governor chris christie from his v-p short list because of unanswered questions about christie's background and
:president barack obama is returning to the bay area next week for a democratic fundraiser in san francisco. president obama will attend a democratic national committee fundraiser on >> reporter:monday at the new s-f jazz center in the hayes valley neighborhood. the president last came to the bay area in june, when he attended fundraisers in palo alto and portola valley. tickets for next week's event start at 500 dollars. protestors are expected to gather the event to protest the administration's use of drone strikes against overseas targets. >> pam: san francisco upheld a federal law that puts a tonight -- the walnut creek >> pam: city council is set to discuss a parking proposal that would increase meter rates and change enforcement hours. >> pam: the city currently enforces parking meters from nine- in the morning until six -at night. the proposed change. would change enforcement hours from ten- in the morning, until eight -at night. the proposal is also looking into charging people on sunday >> pam: to park at the meters. the fees is set to bring in millions of dollars that will be re
too. this is richard over tone of texas. he is 107 years obviously. president obama called him one american veteran living proud and strong in the land he kept free. >> he was there at where he said i only got out of there by the grace of god. >> telling them he still drives, how's his own lawn, has a girlfriend and smokes a dozen cigars aday impressing everyone by his sense of humor. >> i am surprised he called me so i guess he wanted to talk to me. >> you didn't know what he wanted to say. >> they want to send me back over there. >> also today the president urged americans not only to remember but to hire them to welcome them back to the job market saying he'll be making that a special focus. >> there was one unusual scene today a helicopter fell off a truck and came crashing down on this oklahoma highway. it was being taken to a veteran's day ceremony. one man called it a sad sight given how much the chopper had already been through. >> veteran's day events have been going on all day long another this evening standing by live. >> well i'm in front of the lafayette crosses. they
and republicans. >> for the first time in the history, republic will use a filibuster to prevent president obama from confirming judgment. >> it make its harder for the two sides to work together. >> it puts a chill on the entire united states senate on the disability treaty like which we had a hearing on this morning, everything that requires by partisanship. >> this is not a very proud day in the history of the senate in order to distract attention away from obama care. the senate has broken the rules to change the rules. >> senates voted on patricia molette's nomination with a simple majority who had been blocked by the president. the president's pleased with the efforts. >> the american's people is far too important to fall prey day after day to washington politics. >> this new rule does not apply to supreme court nominees. >>> locks and gates were not enough. the innovative and extreme way one man in a bad neighborhood is protecting his home. it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with his math
but really did not deny it. and the president obama says he can tolerate bill clinton but only in doses. catherine? >> catherine: here is what google karen smith said to it cnn >> well, i was shocked that d n s eight would do this. perhaps a violation of law but certainly a violations of mission. if it's true, and we don't know, maybe there are other disclosures coming, it would indicate that the national security agency had been looking between day to centers in a leading companies like google. now kugels technology is heavily in cryptic internally, heavily fortified and we've announced that we are making its even more so. >> catherine: she went on to say that google is using encryption and other powerful algorithms to make it very difficult for the u.s. or chinese government to opting google users' personal information. >> catherine: with twitter on the verge of going public. it's now trying to make money from t-v ads. maggie lake explains. >> reporter:from the tense final season of a-m-c's breaking bad- to the heart-pounding suspense of showtime's homeland people glued to the program
-w-t-r" >> catherine: the heat over the botched roll-out of obama-care is far from over. now the health and human services secretary is refusing a bi-partisan request to delay the whole program until repairs on the website are finished. kathleen sebelius was taking more heat from lawmakers >> catherine: on capitol hill today. she agrees there's work to be done -- but doesn't want the system taken off-line. republicans at the hearing called for her resignation >> screens with godown and all the time and they could not get from place to place. those are the two primary areas of focus. >> catherine: blockbuster announced its closures today, affecting about three-hundred stores located across the u.s. dish network expects the stores to be closed by early january. about 2,800 people will lose their jobs. colo. satellite-tv provider also is shutting down blockbuster's dvd mail service next month. >> catherine: blockbuster's downfall began more than a decade ago with the rise of netflix inc.'s dvd-by-mail service, followed by the introduction of a subscription service that streams video over high- speed
. >> catherine: today, on the eve of thanksgivinga favorite white house tradition. president obama spared two turkeys from becoming a holiday meal. his daughters came along to watch. >> catherine: and this handsome turkey named "popcorn" shared the stage with them.. a second turkey named "caramel" was also spared -- but didn't get a face-to- face meeting. >> catherine: the president jokede has many awesome and solemnwas not one of them. >> it was quite literally the hunter games. (laughter) >> catherine: the two turkeys will be on display at george washington's estate in virginia until january sixth. >> catherine: after that, they'll live out the rest of their days at a turkey farm. >> catherine: however - they won't have much company. that's because the last six turkeys pardoned are already dead. cnn looked into it -- and experts say since they're bred to be big and fat and intended for the dinner table -- they usually don't live very long. >> pam: still ahead. a streaming surprise. the just released playstation 4 -- is used to send live nude video across the internet. >> pam: but first. >>
says that obama care has man she has lost are helping each her health insurance. she says she can no longer use the health facilities in doctor she has relied on. >> catherine: a large steady stream of people in shopping for health care through covered california. last week the site had more than 50,000 phone calls and more than two and a half more than 500,000 unique visits since and rahman began back on october forced more than two and a half million have visited the site in more than 260,000 calls were made during the same period. >> catherine: illinois is set to become the 15th state to allow same-sex marriage. the state legislature has approved a bill that now goes to the governor for his signature. same-sex marriages are expected to begin next summer. is now legal in 14 states and washington d.c.. >> reporter: hours after admitting he smoked crack cocaine while in office, to run to mayor rob ford offered a tearful apology. ford told reporters earlier tohat he smoked crack cocaine about a year ago. he said he probably did so during a drunken stupor. the emission comes months
thought he was a student, and he may go by the name of johnny. >>> president barack obama offers a fix to those americans who had the healthcare coverage cancelled due to the affordable care act. >> i said we would do everything we can to fix this problem. >> the plan, allow millions of americans who's health plans are cancelled to keep their plans. >> i get how upsetting this can be, particularly after assurances they heard from me, if they had a plan they liked, they could keep it. >> and what the president calls the 5% of americans who purchased their own health policies, and many are cancelled because obamacare deems them sub standard. and now, the president lays out an administrative fix to allow them to renew the policy for one year. the fine print, if they renew, the plan, they must notify them, and inform them of benefits they'll not receive if they keep the plan. >> the commissioners have the power to decide what plans can and can't be sold in their state. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like yoir healthcare plan, you can keep it. >> an open questi
? >> president obama will be visiting the bay area monday. in addition to raising money, we have learned he will, pushing immigration reform. he will speak in chinatown. he will raise money for the democratic party at two dnc events for $500, the public can attend an event. the other is a private event. tech round table of sorts at the home of mark betioff. the president last visited the area back in june. >> >> 50 years ago, president john f kennedy asass mated. still remembered at one of the saddest days in u.s. history. today, people across the country came together to honor him. >> reporter: people around the country came together, gist as they did 50 years ago to honor the life of president john f kennedy at his burial site, a wreath laying at arlington national cemetery. in his hometown of boston, massachusetts governor laid a wreath at the slain president's site. >> >> reporter: help us to make the late president's inaugural visit our own so that together as fellow americans we may ask not what our country can do for us, but rather what we can do for our country. >> in dallas where presid
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21